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Barry Hill

Barry grew up in Utah and started snowboarding in the winter ’89-’90 on a Barfoot Split Tail, old school. Raced mountain bikes in the early ‘90’s with a team of friends from high school called Team Turtle, aptly named as it turned out.

Graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography with a degree in Commercial / Advertising Photography in early ‘02. After graduation Barry has lived and worked in Santa Barbara, LA, Portland and now back in Utah. Over the years Barry has spent up to 120 days a year on location and has worked for national clients including Nike, Yamaha, REI, Shindaiwa, Adidas, Honda, FILA, Gerber, Oakley, Puma, Keen, Alaska Sport Fishing Expeditions, Horizon Development & Management, Pacifica Real Estate Group, Respond2 Creative, and Big Shot Pictures.

Barry currently lives in Park City with his wife-of-the-year Tamra and his three-year-old son Hunter.

Kristy Charroin - Rep

Kristy has been in the photography industry for the past 20 years. Kristy's knowledge of photography, photo shoots and working with client’s is top notch. Along with her ability to outline comprehensive photo strategies that meet your needs across all media channels. Kristy is an expert in managing logistics, creating efficient shoots, thus leaving room for fun and creative inspiration in the process.


barry hill

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